Media Relations

Filmmaker on vacation

We’ve partnered with leading events filmmaker The Filming Business for the last 18 months to amplify the brand within the luxury lifestyle, weddings and events market. Alongside owner Andrew Gemmell, we unearthed an emerging trend for affluent families taking filmmakers on holiday to capture their travels on camera. We instantly knew this was a story that needed to be shared. A full page of coverage was secured in The Observer, The Guardian online and page 3 of The Times, generating multiple enquiries and bookings.


“Chapter have delivered results I never imagined possible. I had hoped for some articles in good magazines but the results have been outstanding. Page 3 of The Times?! Just incredible. They are dedicated and persistent and only work with brands they would personally recommend. Our investment in them has paid itself back multiple times and has become a necessary annual expense.”

– Andrew Gemmell, CEO, The Filming Business –



The Wedding Shop at Selfridges

We handled the launch of The Wedding Shop‘s revamped and expanded offering at one of the world’s finest shopping destinations – Selfridges Oxford Street. Updates included a bespoke lounge and consultation area on the Fourth Floor now complimented by a presence on the Lower Ground Floor Home Department. Working closely with the Selfridges’ Press Office we coordinated a photoshoot, created all press materials and distributed the news to the world’s media, generating significant pick-up and closer brand alignment between the two companies.


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