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There’s something about Mary

“Fashion is not frivolous: it is part of being alive today.” 


The woman who singlehandedly revolutionised the British high street, Mary Quant personifies the swinging sixties, bursting onto the scene with her miniskirts, daisy prints and iconic five point bob. She shook up society from the misery of post-war Britain, and put the fun back into fashion by empowering women to be bolder, go shorted and just feel free in expressing their individuality. As her first major exhibition launching at the V&A, Floral Engineers Blooming Haus have created five unique floral arrangements inspired by the iconic designer, a true pioneer of the 60’s.


One | The Monochrome

Quant’s creations were uniform, with simple colour palettes, and bold prime colours. The cuts were simple, the lines emphasised. Blooming Haus combine soft red Lisianthus with deep pink Anthurium for an arrangement that bursts with life and oozes femininity.

Two | The Spirited Chic

Playful yet sophisticated, a bouquet that champions delicacy but with a very modern approach. With lilac Rosa and pure white Lisianthus drawing your immediate attention, your eyes are then led to dance around the arrangement, discovering the unique textures and frills of the Astible Washington and Gathered Spirea, a Quant classic.

Three | The Vibrant

Pillarbox red, buttercup yellow, gaudy green. Scooped necklines and rising hemlines demanding to be seen. Blooming Haus have incorporated Ranunculus Pon-Pon Merlino with Acacia Blossom for an arrangement that emulates the whimsy and kitsch of Quant’s colour palette.

Four | The Bauhaus

With Mod culture in its prime, and at a time when the Bauhaus movement was only really just beginning, this arrangement takes inspiration from Quant’s sharp graphic lines, and geometric forms. Modern and conceptual, Blooming Haus have used Gloriosa Superba and Ranunculus Butterfly to create a riot of colour that is skilfully still uniform.

Five | The Androgynous

Sexy, sporty, short. Quant’s vivacious energy is complemented here in the use of Syringa Dark Koster, Rosa Purple and Gathered Grasses, which bursts with life and colour to create an arrangement that is dynamic yet elegant. The black Anthurium perfectly emulating that iconic PVC raincoat.




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