Hugo Burnand on the Royal Wedding

Who better than legendary photographer Hugo Burnand to provide a fascinating insight into the inner workings of a Royal Wedding? We built a media schedule for Hugo surrounding the occasion – a blend of live and pre-record news studio sessions in London and live broadcasts from the grounds of Windsor castle – to guarantee exposure in key territories and solidify his position as the world’s most revered portrait and event photographer.

The carefully curated media schedule included live appearances on BBC One and BBC World News, LBC Radio, CNN, CNN International, CNN Latin America and Sky News as well as pre-record breakfast news slots on various European state broadcasters. Hugo was also GQ‘s ‘man on the ground’ and provided commentary to Tatler for their coverage of the event.


“Thank you for your amazing work over the Royal Wedding. It has been phenomenal, you really did an amazing job, thank you so much. I’m not really sure how to thank you properly, having never had such an experience before. Everything worked perfectly. The timings all slotted in and the breadth of coverage from Asia to America with everything in between was wonderful. I also felt your presence on site was incredibly supportive and made a huge difference.”

– Hugo Burnand, Photographer and holder of the Royal Warrant –


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